My SIBO Resource Shortlist: #slayingSIBO

Here you will find a running list of resources I find extremely helpful in understanding and slaying SIBO! I’ll keep this updated as I stumble upon anything new!

Doctors You Should Know:

  • Dr. Will Cole
  • Allison Siebecker

Websites and Blogs:



The following are a few accounts of people who either post about SIBO in depth, or who are experiencing it first hand!

  • @phoebelapine
  • @katie_roeser
  • @lilsipper
  • @kirstenswalesnaturopath
  • @shylahmay
  • @gratitude_project
  • @graves_disease_sibo_warrior
  • @jordynliftlove
  • @vince_pitstick


  • #SIBO
  • #SIBOdiet
  • #slayingSIBO 😉
  • #lowfodmap


Facebook Groups:


Informational Documents:

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