So, I’m turning 27…

(on May 11th – mark your calendar)

And for some reason, I suddenly feel inexplicably old.

I know I still have three years until 30, but approaching 27 feels like a final countdown. Maybe it’s because I’m 26 and don’t feel like I’m where I should be by society’s standards. Or maybe it’s because I’m 26 and am dealing with health issues that steal much of my life and energy. Or maybe it’s a combination of things, but I’m having somewhat of a hard time with this birthday.

I normally do like my birthday, after all – it’s supposed to be a day all about you with a bunch of friends, cake, and celebrations. But this year, when I think of indulging in treats, I just think of my health problems and how I should’t be eating a cupcake or donut or whatever (but you know I will be LOL). When I think of celebrating with friends, I run into scheduling road blocks and distance road blocks because a) May is busy b) at 26, I still have not cultivated a unit of friends that mirrors the Sex and the City girl gang and c) a lot of my dearest friends are not even in Chicago. When I think about celebrating, I think of the money I’m spending on one day that I could be putting away for something else.

Basically, as an almost 27 year old, I feel like a boring old lady, and it’s almost causing me to be down on myself, which, is SO sad.

You should feel awesome on your birthday! But I don’t feel super awesome. But then I try to remember this: I’ve made it to 27 years on planet earth. That’s pretty neat. Nothing guaranteed me making it here, so that’s a great birthday present in and of itself.

Thinking forward, I know 27 is going to be another huge year of growth. Working through health issues, continuing in a new job, some other big life moves, vacations to take, upcoming weddings, friends having babies – there’s going to be A LOT happening.

Knowing this, the rest of this week I’ll be taking time to reflect and look forward to reset some expectations and goals, and to appreciate all the good and lessons I’ve experience thus far.

Stay tuned for some more posts throughout the week! 🙂

How do you celebrate your b-day? Still taking suggestions over here!


happily Haleigh

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