Musings from My Moleskine: “You”

Why are we the ways that we are?

It truly is a wonder to think about all of the individuals in the world and remember we are each crafted to represent the many visions and images of a higher being (otherwise known as “The Big Man”).

How truly remarkable to be the only “you.”

And yet, this fact doesn’t seem to be enough for us; We spend our time trying to figure out our purpose, trying to figure out the meaning of life, trying to figure out how we can leave an impact on the world when in actuality, the mere fact that you are and will forever be the only you created is value enough.

That is your impact.

Who you are and what you do is your life’s purpose. It is enough to just be you. In fact, it’s more than enough – being you is a huge responsibility and honor!

And, guess what, YOU’RE KILLING IT.

No one does it like you do, and the world is so thankful. So the next time you start questioning yourself, your life, and ultimately falling into a tailspin of though garbage, remember that you are a value-add to this world just by showing up.

Keep showing up.


happily Haleigh

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