September 1 has got me feeling some type of way – Recalibrating for the rest of 2020.

Not sure why, but I had a certain urge to recalibrate & refocus myself for the rest of 2020. Maybe it has something to do with me needing a sense of control again, as 2020 stole that from us all, or maybe it has to do with the Full Moon tonight. Either way, I’ve been sitting in my twinkle-light-lit living room on this rainy, Chicago day, daydreaming of Fall as it quickly approaches, and reimagining what I want the rest of this year to look like.

Though I’m not ready to share any of my thoughts yet, I wanted to quickly provide some resources I am using to realign, in case you’d like to join in on this energy 🙂

It’s a Full Moon Tonight – Capture the Energy!

Want to know how to harness tonight’s Full Moon? Check this article!

For more info on Full Moons in general, click here!

As for me, like I’ve said – I’m utilizing this rainy day in Chicago to be cozy, take time to reflect, and assess where I’m at.

Candles included.

Want to know what lies ahead? Check out some horoscopes:

For an overall September horoscope for your sun sign, check this out! All I’ve got to say is that the Taurus reading is creepy relatable.

For a general worldly outlook for this week, read this!

Are you a believe in horoscopes? The ones from the magazine can be super fun, but when you get into the nitty-gritty, it can actually be scary accurate!

Which brings me to my next point…

Let’s get personal… with personality tests!

I have always been a geek about these, and I’m constantly retesting! I tend to fluctuate slightly each time, depending on my frame of mind when testing, but I stick to a similar range. Which tests have you taken?

I just retested the below tests and will be taking the rest of the year to relearn and reapply tactics that will maximize my life based on my personality types. Should be a fun little experiment 🙂

Would love to hear if you’ve taken them/plan to take them and what your results are!

  1. Myers Briggs Personality Test
    • My Results: ENFJ as of today! I have tested ENFP before, though I think the J is more accurate for me.
  2. Human Design
    • My Results: Projector with Emotional Authority
    • Okay THIS one I really have to do some learning on – there is SO much information. But from what I’ve started reading, it seems super detailed and accurate!
  3. Ennegram
    • My Results: Type 3w2
    • I find these pretty accurate as well – sometimes Type 1 shows up – again, probably affected by frame of mind when testing

If you know me, do you think these are accurate for me?! Also, if you align with any of my types, I just started a Pinterest bored with a few pins to get you going as well!

So, are you taking time to recalibrate?

If so, let’s chat! I love exploring these areas of life and think discussing goals/personalities/human design is such a fascinating way to get to know people! Drop a comment below, or shoot me a message on my instagram 🙂

And if you need a great playlist to jam out to while taking these quizzes… check this one out 🙂


happily Haleigh

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