On being Happily Haleigh

Hey sis, welcome to my blog!

My name is Haleigh, and I am a 28 year old living in my home and favorite city in the world (that I know of), Chicago.

On my blog, you’ll find me using this platform as a creative space — a place that I can be “happily Haleigh”, explore life, explore challenges, celebrate success and the little moments. This place is for me, but I’m sharing with you because friends are fun! I hope that my experiences are relatable for you, and that we can use these to connect – something that I find so rare nowadays.


Birthday: I’m a Taurus baby! 🙂

City: Chicago! I was born and raised in the northwest suburbs, and after goin to college in Michigan, and living in both Los Angeles and NY for two years post grad, I moved back and into the city (Wrigelyville, and most recently Lakeview East!)

School: I went to Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) where I studied Fashion Merchandising and Media Design, though I’m not currently working in either of those fields (life happens, dude).

Hobbies: I grew up playing piano and singing, was obsessed with my dance life in high school, but nowadays my hobbies include hitting the gym, exploring my city, and just trying to keep up with this hyper-influenced world we live in!

Things I blog about: Lifestyle, personal life, fashion, health and fitness, recipes… anything my heart desires in the moment!


happily Haleigh