I may just be the sickest healthy person you know…

“You eat so well!” “You crush it in the gym!” “You’re young and look so healthy though!” All comments that have been said to me — and yet, here I am, about to turn 27 and feeling like an 80 year old whose life has been ripped away from her far too soon with every… Read More I may just be the sickest healthy person you know…

My SIBO Resource Shortlist: #slayingSIBO

Here you will find a running list of resources I find extremely helpful in understanding and slaying SIBO! I’ll keep this updated as I stumble upon anything new! Doctors You Should Know: Dr. Will Cole Allison Siebecker Websites and Blogs: http://www.siboinfo.com http://www.feedmephoebe.com/ http://www.chriskresser.com http://www.bellalindemann.com Podcasts: SIBO Made Simple https://drruscio.com/podcasts/ The Healthy Gut podcast Instagram: The… Read More My SIBO Resource Shortlist: #slayingSIBO

Slaying SIBO:

Answers. I finally have some answers. I finally have evidence that some of the extreme, debilitating, social-life stealing, soul-sucking symptoms I’ve been experiencing for the past two years are not in my head, but can indeed be backed up by scientific proof and number-defining results.

It’s freeing, in a sense, but the diagnosis itself is anything but, because the diagnosis of SIBO means I have a long road of healing ahead of me. … Read More Slaying SIBO: