#slayingSIBO or Something Else? UPDATE

I mean, is it really that surprising that I’m hitting you with yet more diagnoses? The #slayingSIBO saga began when, after two years of total digestive frustration, I want to a gastroenterologist and they made me blow into balloons and tested my breath and told me I have SIBO (you can check out all my… Read More #slayingSIBO or Something Else? UPDATE

My SIBO Resource Shortlist: #slayingSIBO

Here you will find a running list of resources I find extremely helpful in understanding and slaying SIBO! I’ll keep this updated as I stumble upon anything new! Doctors You Should Know: Dr. Will Cole Allison Siebecker Websites and Blogs: http://www.siboinfo.com http://www.feedmephoebe.com/ http://www.chriskresser.com http://www.bellalindemann.com Podcasts: SIBO Made Simple https://drruscio.com/podcasts/ The Healthy Gut podcast Instagram: The… Read More My SIBO Resource Shortlist: #slayingSIBO