Elimination Week 2 Update

Hey friends! Well, as the Fresh Prince would say… my life has been flipped, turned upside down: I GOT A PUPPY. Yes, in the midst of this elimination diet, I welcomed home an adorable, angel, princess, demon child puppy 🙂 Her name is Harlee – an adorable yet hard-headed F1B Bernedoodle Merle pup – more… Read More Elimination Week 2 Update

An Elimination Diet Journey – yet another attempt to heal

My journey with chronic health issues seems unending, yet I have not reached the point of giving up. So, here I am again, trying another “diet”, this time, the elimination diet from Dr. Will Cole’s “Inflammation Spectrum”.… Read More An Elimination Diet Journey – yet another attempt to heal

Slaying SIBO:

Answers. I finally have some answers. I finally have evidence that some of the extreme, debilitating, social-life stealing, soul-sucking symptoms I’ve been experiencing for the past two years are not in my head, but can indeed be backed up by scientific proof and number-defining results.

It’s freeing, in a sense, but the diagnosis itself is anything but, because the diagnosis of SIBO means I have a long road of healing ahead of me. … Read More Slaying SIBO: