Just a little health update:

Hey hey there! I think a lot of you started following this blog when I was updating it frequently regarding my health issues. Well, this space is going to start looking a little different! I’m still experiencing many of the health issues I originally posted about, but it seems like I may be back to… Read More Just a little health update:

Talking to yourself – weird or necessary?

It was an interesting thought: your body has been listening to your mind your entire life. Every negative thought, your body has heard and absorbed. Kind of eye-opening, right? I thought about all the negative thoughts I’ve had in my 26 years on earth – every self-diminishing thought, every “what if”, every “you’re not good enough”. Thinking about that, it’s no wonder the physical pain you can feel and damage you can experience as you walk through life.… Read More Talking to yourself – weird or necessary?