The funk that is 2020.

As I continue to walk through 2020 wishing it would fly by, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time, which is about all we can do! I’m trying to regain my spark, even through my struggles, but also trying to be okay with being a little dim right now in this season of life.… Read More The funk that is 2020.

I turned 28 and it’s… different.

This year, I turned 28, and well, it’s different. It’s ALL different. Normal is gone. My expectations for my 28th year – slashed. My celebrations? Sweatpants, pizza and cake with my family because that’s literally about all I could do. … Read More I turned 28 and it’s… different.

Musings from My Moleskine: “You”

How truly remarkable to be the only “you.” And yet, this fact doesn’t seem to be enough for us; We spend our time trying to figure out our purpose, trying to figure out the meaning of life, trying to figure out how we can leave an impact on the world when in actuality, the mere fact that you are and will forever be the only you created is value enough. … Read More Musings from My Moleskine: “You”