Just a little health update:

Hey hey there! I think a lot of you started following this blog when I was updating it frequently regarding my health issues.

Well, this space is going to start looking a little different!

I’m still experiencing many of the health issues I originally posted about, but it seems like I may be back to square one in terms of causes. Frustrating, I know. That said, I obviously will be continuing to make strides in figuring that all out, but I’m going to take a break from documenting it.

I feel really grateful for all of the conversations that my openness surrounding my health has started; I’ve met new friends and have been able to share my experience, but I have a lot of other big life things happening that I want to focus on!

Frankly, I don’t have the energy to have these issues at the forefront of my mind. Amidst moving, getting a promotion, planning a bachelorette weekend, prepping for the holidays, family vacations and weddings, focusing on fixing my issues has caused me more stress, which is counterproductive.

My hope is that if I just take the energy to focus on all the exciting and fun things in my life and stop thinking about my body and health so much, my body might just do it’s own thing and fix itself. Does that make sense? Fingers crossed!

Anyway, if I come across any MAJOR discoveries, I will definitely continue to be transparent about this! I’m just throwing the frequent updates on the backburner, because I need to live my life 🙂

That’s all for now!


happily haleigh

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